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DIG - LEIT-1 controller with 3/4" inline valve (Solar powered) (1 unit) (LEIT1 ILV-075)

DIG - LEIT-1 controller with 3/4" inline valve (Solar powered) (1 unit) (LEIT1 ILV-075)

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LEIT 1 Single-Station Ambient Light (Solar) Powered Controller                                      The LEIT 1 is a self-sustainable irrigation controller powered by light (solar). The LEIT-1 requires no direct sunlight and can obtain enough power from the surrounding light to operate both day and night in any weather condition.

• Available with an inline valve, anti-siphon valve, actuator or solenoid with three adapters
• No backup battery or AC power necessary— uses clean solar energy
• Simple, icon-based intuitive programming
• Daily and monthly programming complies with city and municipal watering restrictions
• Manual On/Off button opens the valve and shows the time left to run
• Waterproof and humidity resistant
• Power level meter indicates the approximate charge (energy available)
• On activation, the controller display indicates when a program is running and when any programming feature is active
• User reset option allows erasing of all programs to default settings except time, day and date
• Program On/Off button: allows the user to turn off the controller and reactivate it as
• Non-volatile memory
• Rain sensor connection
• Three-year warranty

• Custom program-scheduling using a weekly calendar, odd days, even days, or intervals from 1-30 days utilizing a yearly calendar with leap year
• Five start times per day provide added flexibility for any type of watering application including sandy or clay soil
• Durations of up to 5 hours and 59 minutes in 1-minute increments
• Twenty preset historical ET programs with 10 climate zones, 10 for drip irrigation and
10 for spray systems
• Monthly seasonal adjustment budget (0 to 200%) in 5% increments without modifying the controller’s program duration; also can be used to fine-tune the preset ET program for each month
• Rain Delay with up to 99 days with auto restart

• Power source: ambient light (solar)
• Controller power input: 3,000 - 100,000+ LUX
• Seven keypad buttons with an integrated liquid crystal display
• Operating pressure: 10-150 PSI (.7-10.3 BAR)
• Temperature range: 14°F to +130°F (-10°C to +54°C)
• Solenoid: 7-12 VDC, two-way latching, normally closed
• Solenoid control orifice: .065′′ (1.65 mm)
• Solenoid thread: 11/16′′-12 UN male thread
• Retractable solenoid wire: 8.1′′ (coiled length when extended, approximately 36′′)
• Sensor connection: Normally closed 6′′ (15 cm) yellow wire (16 AWG)
• Controller with solenoid only includes adapters for Rain Bird, Hunter and Toro valves
• Valves type & sizes: globe 3/4′′, 1′′

• Controller housing: high-impact plastic
• Solenoid housing: glass reinforced nylon
• Plunger & spacer: 430F stainless
• Plunger rubber cap: EPDM
• O-ring: Buna-N
• RoHS

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