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1/4" Black Barbed Elbow (100 pack)

1/4" Black Barbed Elbow (100 pack)

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Introducing the 1/4" Black Barbed Elbow, your solution for precision and versatility in irrigation design. This compact yet robust component is engineered to facilitate seamless direction changes in your 1/4" irrigation tubing, ensuring efficient and leak-free water distribution throughout your garden or landscape.

Key Features:

Seamless Flow Control: With a precise 90-degree angle, this black barbed elbow enables smooth direction changes, ensuring water flows exactly where you need it in your irrigation system.

Durable Build: Crafted from rugged materials and sporting a sleek black finish, this elbow is built to withstand outdoor conditions and deliver enduring performance.

Effortless Integration: The barbed design simplifies installation, making it a hassle-free choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Adaptable Solution: Whether you have a compact garden or an expansive irrigation network, this black barbed elbow provides flexibility for various applications, catering to your unique watering needs.

Elevate your irrigation system with the 1/4" Black Barbed Elbow, your key to precision and reliability in water distribution. Bid farewell to complicated setups and leaks, and usher in lush, thriving plant life throughout your garden or landscape.
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