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#16 Grit Industrial Silica Sand (40 lbs)

#16 Grit Industrial Silica Sand (40 lbs)

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The #16 Grit Industrial Silica Sand is a high-quality material ideal for synthetic turf installation and maintenance. Its coarse and uniform particles provide excellent stability and durability.

Key Features:
- Coarse Grain: #16-grit size for robust and resistant infill.
- High Purity: Ensures optimal performance.
- Durability: Long lifespan and minimal wear.
- Consistency: Uniform granulation in every batch.

Common Applications:
- Synthetic Turf: Enhances stability and performance.
- Infill: Keeps turf fibers upright for a safer surface.
- Drainage: Improves water drainage.

- Efficiency: Facilitates effective turf installation.
- Consistent Quality: Reliable and uniform results.
- Durability: Extends turf lifespan, reducing replacements.

The #16 Grit Industrial Silica Sand is a dependable choice for synthetic turf projects, offering a solid and durable base for various installations.

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