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DIG - 1/8" POLYETHYLENE DISTRIBUTION TUBING WITH .125" ID x .187" OD (100 Ft) (1 unit) (Black)

DIG - 1/8" POLYETHYLENE DISTRIBUTION TUBING WITH .125" ID x .187" OD (100 Ft) (1 unit) (Black)

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1/8′′ Polyethylene Tubing

This tubing is engineered to uphold and shield its superb properties against the rigors of thermal degradation, ultraviolet stress, and chemical exposure over extended periods. Count on DIG’s commitment to quality, ensuring a resilient and enduring finished product. 

• Blank polyethylene distribution tubing is available in 100′ ft
• Used with drip emitters, micro sprayers or micro sprinklers in above- or below-grade installation
• Extruded from the finest quality low with medium density polyethylene resins
• UV resistant; contains a minimum of 2% concentrated carbon black, an antioxidant that protect the tubing from thermal degradation
• Supported by quality control standard and processes to ensure consistent coil productions
• Exhibits outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength

• Operating pressure: up to 60 PSI (4.2 BAR)
• Material: Dow FINGERPRINTTM DFDA-7510 NT linear low-density polyethylene resin with a minimum of 2% carbon black

.125" ID x .187" OD (3.2 x 4.7 mm)

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