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DIG - 1/2” PRESSURE COMPENSATING DRIPLINE 100', 12"spacing, .95 GPH (3.6 L/H), .670" OD (1 Unit)(17mm) (Brown)

DIG - 1/2” PRESSURE COMPENSATING DRIPLINE 100', 12"spacing, .95 GPH (3.6 L/H), .670" OD (1 Unit)(17mm) (Brown)

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ExcelTM PCD with .670ʺ OD (17 mm) Pressure Compensating (PC) Dripline is a precise pressure compensating dripline with dual outlets. The inserted cylindrical drip emitters are designed with floating diaphragms to regulate and maintain a consistent flow rate at variable inlet pressures between 12 to 50 PSI.

• Dual outlets maintain proper flow from opposite sides regardless of dripline layout direction
• Superior burst strength, flexibility and environmental stress-cracking resistance
• Flow regulated, self-flushing inline drip emitters deliver equal flow at a wide range of operating pressures
• Two flow rates provide maximum flexibility on a variety of applications
• Turbulent flow through a large labyrinth water passage helps reduce clogging
• Continuous self-flushing during irrigation ensures consistent operation
• Two outlets per emitter form a physical barrier to root and debris intrusion
• Floating diaphragm regulates and maintains an even flow at variable inlet pressures
• Drip emitter is made of three individual sections including a labyrinth passage, cylindrical plastic housing, a plastic receptacle and a floating silicon diaphragm
• Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in landscaping
• Flexible tubing for easy installation
• The dripline is marked with flow rate, size and date for easy identification
• Can be used with DIG's 17 mm barb fittings, .700′′ OD compression fittings and Universal NUTLOCTM fittings

• Operating pressure: 12-50 PSI (.8-3.4 BAR)
• Flow rates: .95 GPH (3.6 L/H) color code – white
• Color: brown
• Sizes:  .570′′ ID x .670′′ OD (14.5 mm ID x 17 mm OD)
• Spacing: 12′′
• Lengths: 100′
• Minimum bending radius: 1′ (30 cm) 
• Filter requirement: minimum of 150 mesh
• Materials: polyethylene resin

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